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Horse Chestnut

After the Felling - 5860.jpgAfter the Felling - 5744.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5591.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5663.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5734.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5737.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5798.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5838.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5843.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5877.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5880.jpgHorse Chestnut - 5881.jpg_MG_5903.jpg
The Horse Chestnut was the very first tree I photographed for this project.  Located on Canyon Road, on the property of the historic El Zaguán house, it had already died and plans were being made to cut it down.  It had started showing signs of stress 15 years prior.  It had been State Champion, nominated by the Historic Santa Fe Foundation.  Over several months, I photographed the tree multiple times, both with film and digitally.  I documented the felling of this Champion Tree and did portraits of the artist who has taken custody of the trunk, Munson Hunt.